Mugo & Co celebrate 25th years of experience in professional accounting services by delivering groundbreaking and well known approved accounting standards. Over the years we have diversified our services ranging from tax consultancy to auditing and training. With business services that are Affordable, Accurate, Reliable , Confidential, and Ethical

Our accounting division specializes in accounting processes from raw data and documentation entries by use of computer software to assist clients produce financial statements in a swift and efficient manner with the aim of meeting client needs for information and strategic drives of the organization. Technical entries and reporting are handled with reference to international accounting standards as appropriate. This includes cash books, general ledgers, subsidiary ledgers, assets, registers, petty cash books, by use of soft wares such as QuickBooks, Sage, Pastel and many others.

Our audit team provides financial and forensic auditing services in a comprehensive way to all kinds of businesses, companies, governments and non-governmental organizations. The firm uses tailor made audit programmes to suit the individual organization and carries audit quality assurance with reviews, discussions and recommendations with continuity and follow up to ensure controls are in place and being followed by the management.

This is done with confidentiality, professionalism and integrity to ensure advice is implemented and owned by the recipients.

Our tax advisory unit works to ensure clients tax compliance requirements are advised to enable them meet corporate and employee tax obligations in an efficient and programmed manner.

The statutory deductions in Kenya laws include National Security Fund, National Hospital Insurance Fund, Statutory levies/ withholding taxes, Pay as you earn (Payee system) and regular returns made as necessary with deadlines which have implication on interest, penalties and fines.

The Kenya Revenue Authority carries compliance and in depth audits to enforce law and our tax unit represents clients in their defense, negotiation and appeals of assessments.We

  • Assist our clients with the preparation and filing of income tax returns for companies, branches and employees and advises on the payment of installment and final taxes.
  • Provides payroll services to include monthly and annual tax and social security filings
  • Conducts tax “health checks” to provide assurance on compliance with income tax, withholding tax, PAYE, Social Security, VAT and duty payments
  • Advises and assists with tax repayments and set-off of overpayments on the tax against liabilities on other taxes.
  • Negotiates on your behalf with the Kenya Revenue Authority, applies for waivers of penalties and interest, raises objections to assessments and takes appeals to the appropriate tribunal CAP 486.

Through our sister firm, Mugo Associates, we assist our clients to comply effectively with the requirement of the Companies Act and similar legislation applying to local and foreign companies. In addition to company formation, branch registration, business licenses and compliance with Companies Act filings, our qualified staff can take appointment as company secretary, attend board and shareholder meetings, prepare and distribute minutes and prepare resolutions.


Our training unit offers client specific financial trainings for their accounting staff to assist them attain required customized skills for the attainment of their respective corporate objectives and targets including most recent developments in management, compliance and bench marking.


Over 25 years existence our firm has worked through and enabled many companies to thrive by meeting their challenges in the Kenya economy and beyond. Our experience and high qualifications in finance and management form strong foundations in providing consultancy services successfully.


Fees are computed on time costs and are mutually agreed with clients before hand.